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Transcendent Healthcare response to COVID19 (Corona Virus) Pandemic

Dear Community at Large,

I would like to take this opportunity in a time where prevention measures are aggressively taken place to prevent CORONA 19 “Coronavirus” to acknowledge the Boonville Community, Warrick County, Owensville Community and Gibson County.  I would like to assure our community, on behalf of Transcendent Healthcare, LLC,  residents and staff that we are consistently in communication with and taking guidance from the CDC “Centers for Disease Control”,  Our County and State Health Departments and advisory boards that I personally sit on to assure ALL reccommended preventive measures are in place.

It would be a long diligent list to illustrate the procedures in place, so I will simply hope to provide reassurance that your existing loved ones at any Transcendent Healthcare, LLC are receiving full precautions.  In addition, to support the community, We are accepting potential qualifying admissions coming directly from home as well as from trusted local hospitals.  ALL new patients, along with our existing residents receive dilligent and ongoing  precautionary screens. 

We are also pleased  I was immediately able to create off -site but on our- grounds and in alternate buildings, temporarily free  have retained teachersand qualified personnel for the children of our staff to ensure their ability to to maintain their work schedules during the governor's mandated stay-at-home order. This along with additional cross training of staff PCA “Patient Care Assistants” (that we have temp waiver approvals from the regulatory environment)  has allowed Transcendent to maintain very stable staffing. I am VERY PROUD of ALL Transcendent staff for their own personal sacrifices to assure our patients are taken care of without interruption during this difficult times. 

Despite national cncerns that have arisen concerning shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) be assured, we have the necessary supplies already emergency stocked and provided through the consistency of Transcendent’s national vendor relationships. The support and direct communication with our Medical Directors has also been a great asset as well and they continue to provide additional guidance to our facilities.  Despite changes in visitation policies, our communication between residents and families has been maintained through calls, letters, Facetime (on ipads we have provided), and other creative means of communication fosterd by our staff.  If you have any questions regarding our procedures, additional communication, or there is someone you wish for us to discuss potential screening and or temporary admission  please let the following resources know by contacting:

Transcendent Healthcare of Owensville, LLC Robert O’Niones Executive Director (812) 729 7901

Transcendent Healthcare of Boonville, LLC Melanie Lutz R.N./Executive Director (812) 897 1375

Transcendent Healthcare of Boonville-North, LLC Erin Whitehouse L.P.N./Executive Director (812) 897 2810

Transcendent Healthcare, LLC – General Inquiry Brynn Payne Director of Community Relations (812) 470 1018

Please  know there is always a means by which our community can communicate with us. Although in this difficult time we will operate with some additional restrictions, we remain available to you.


Tom O’Niones President /Owner