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Transcendent Healthcare has been developed to provide healthcare management services which are unsurpassed in the industry. Its mission is to employ superior personnel who can lead and direct the management of long term and post-acute care facilities. Providing quality care will always remain the first objective, resulting in satisfied customers and profitability for those organizations, which retain our services.
Introducing a New Healthcare Management Company
Company Summary
Transcendent Healthcare is a new company that provides high-level expertise in the daily management of long term and post-acute care. The personnel establishing this corporation have a long standing track record of providing top quality level services in the following categories:

· Licensure/Regulatory Compliance
· Quality Standards of Care/Indicators
· Specialty Program/Census Development
· Personnel Management
· Ancillary Management
· Operational Expense Management
· Accounts Receivable Collections
· Bottom Line Profitability

Our primary focus is to seek out Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) organizations that are in need of a management company to oversee and operate their properties day-to-day operations. In addition, we are focusing on hospital organizations and small healthcare providers that will benefit from a management company’s expertise. To further enhance our continuum of services we have formally entered into an agreement with three prominent external organizations to provide as sub-contractor consulting services, interim personnel and pre-surveys. These organizations have established relationships with the Indiana State Department of Health and the Indiana Health Care Association.